Alicia Erickson Zink, MSW, LCSW

Our daughter, as a transgendered adolescent, confronted with the challenges of transitioning amidst a destructive high conflict divorce, was completely and utterly lost. She was altogether unable to participate in school, while being prescribed a myriad of anti-depression medications as she bounced from textbook therapist to textbook therapist. Within three months of therapy with Ms. Zink, my daughter was able to discard the medication, address significant underlying unresolved issues and, thereafter, resume her studies as an high honors high school student confidently presenting to her peers the gender of her choice. Where others had failed, where her parents had failed despite all effort, Ms. Zink saved our child from the abyss. Ms. Zink is something special. ~J.D.

Gail Pellicone, LPC

Gail is absolutely wonderful!!! I have been in therapy for over 16 years, and for a large portion of that time, with the same therapist. I went through some major life events and certainly made progress, but after a lapse in therapy treatment, I decided it was time for a change. I landed upon Gail through NCA recommendation, and what a huge difference!! I have made so much more progress than I have made in years. I immediately felt comfortable with her, tell her everything even if I think silly. There is absolutely no judgement and I feel like I'm her friend. She works with my tendencies and what she feels will work best for me to approach the therapy process and progress. I have gone through another major life event under her care and I feel so confident about her guidance, support, and know I can handle anything with her. I truly feel like I have a trusted confidant in my corner to go through life with and that feels so good! Thank you Gail! ~S.P.

Gail came to me via a referral and I am so glad that she did!  She not only offers an objective perspective but she has a very calm and gentle nature that immediately makes you feel comfortable.  Gail has enabled me to work through and process things that simply had me "stuck" in a loop.  She has challenged me to look at things in a different way and to consider alternate views, allowing me to progress and move past my personal challenges.~K.D.